Missouri governor vetoes teacher gun legislation

Missouri governor vetoes teacher gun legislation.

It is interesting that in the same week when the first class designed to instruct teachers / administrators how to be school security officers is held in Texas, legislation which would create a similar program in Missouri is vetoed.

School security can only suffer when addressed on a politically driven state-by-state basis. School security needs a national level discussion which develops a comprehensive plan for dealing with the in-school violence which has become far to common in today’s reality…

Politicians create political solutions… What is needed is the security industry to develop a security solution…

Hopefully, Missouri, and other states find a common sense solution which “actually” leads to safer schools in their communities…

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Since 1999 I have had the honor to work with numerous non-profit groups striving to make their world a better place. Through these efforts we have identified many "best practices" which others can benefit from... This website and blog is intended to share these practices, ideas and observations.
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