The Implications of Apple’s Latest Move into the Home

The Implications of Apple’s Latest Move into the Home.

While Apple’s decision to move in to the “connected” home environment may or may not have any impact upon the home security industry, what will have an impact is the perception of the consumer that their home security system of the future will include some of the very features that Apple is stating will be included in their offering.

Consumer perception of what a product should or should not be able to do will dictate where and how the industry moves for the foreseeable future.

The phrase “there’s an App for that” has found it’s way in to every product advertised on TV today.  Connectivity has broken the chains and has moved to areas far outside of the home, to include such services as OnStar who is now including WIFI hotspot features in their newest releases, and cellular carriers expanding their MIFI and web-connected phones in even the most basic service plans.

So whether Apple succeeds or fails within the connected home environment is really immaterial, as they have already made an impact just by looking in that direction…

As George used to say to Elroy on the Jetson’s cartoons of the 60’s – “Up up and away”…

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