Internet of Things to reshape the security industry, new report from Memoori finds

Internet of Things to reshape the security industry, new report from Memoori finds.

The article provides some interesting insights on the convergence of physical security and the Internet of Things (IoT), and specifically the blending of physical security and the IP world in general.

Two notable points made in the article are:

1) IP networking products cannot be sold as “boxes” which have historically been the format for analog products. 

This aspect will change the “business” model for how security dealers / integrators view and ultimately purchase their product offerings.

2) A key finding from a recent research report showed that almost 80 percent of North American systems installers required better training from their suppliers of IP-based video surveillance products and simple interface tools to join their products together.

This point as been evident in the security community for many years.  “Old school” alarm dealers / integrators still view their products and services from a very “DC” mentality, which years ago limited their ability to migrate in to the video – because they could not fix their broken systems using their standby Fluke multi-meter.

This mindset blocks their ability to even consider migrating in to the IP based systems as they don’t have the fundamental technical knowledge to integrate the various system components.

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