Association Management

Management Services

Associations exist to keep their members in contact with one another as well as to provide a strong, unified group with POWER!

Often, association officers are volunteers whose “real” jobs require enormous energy and time commitments.

Association management services may include:  permanent offices, membership services, meeting management, computer support, web site management, record-keeping, newsletter and member-to-member communications, public relations, and accounting services.

Why An Association Management Company?

An association management firm is an entity that does not just perform clerical support type functions.

It is designed to assist organizations to enhance and grow their membership and expand the services they provide.

In order for an organization to grow, it needs to constantly be addressing the needs and requirements of those they serve.

An association management firm performs the day-to-day tasks in an efficient and courteous manner allowing the Board of Directors to focus on the visionary aspect of the organization.

An association management company keeps informed of all the areas that encompass non profit associations including areas such as tax codes, by-laws, member services, financial responsibilities, etc.

Association management firms provide skilled professionals with specific expertise in in their field to assist an organization in providing outstanding service to it’s members at a cost-effective price.

Overhead costs for items such as office space, technology, telephone service, staffing, etc. are shared with other organizations.

In this way our clients can provide more services to members while saving costs on administrative functions.

ITZ Solutions incorporates the “Our Business Is Service” attitude in all we do.

Our staff utilizes this term in their communication and we truly embrace the fact that it IS our pleasure to work with our clients.

Let us create a partnership with your organization!

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